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  This is for Mike...
Connecticut's for Fucking... my new MySpace profile song.

I know, I know - but it's to keep up with our local poker activities...

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George Deutsch, schmuck of the highest order, never graduated from Texas A&M.

He has been forced to resign and his 14 minutes of infamy looks to be up.

First the Seahawks, now Deutsch-bag. Don't Mess with Texas A&M.
  Tough to be an Aggie
Tough times to hold up the head as a proud Aggie.

There's this of course.

Then the 12th Man is being used by Seattle, and A&M is getting crap for trying to uphold the tradition. (Yea Pittsburgh! I may overlook the fact they now have 5 Super Bowls just for shutting Seattle fans up. And really - how can you even try to use the 12th Man tradition when you are so outgunned by Steelers fans at the game. Conservative estimates pegged it at 80-20 Steeler fans.) So there Seahawks - I coulda pulled for ya, but you got what was coming.

And now this.

The latest in the cavalcade of horrendous Bush administration appointments is George Deutsch.

So who is Deutsch? A 24 year old journalism graduate from Texas A&M whose resume says he was an intern in the "war room" of the 2004 Bush-Cheney re-election campaign. I'm guessing he - like most journalism majors - took very few science classes while in college.

Thank god I didn't major in Journalism then. But here's the kicker - A&M's journalism program isn't just poor - it doesn't exist anymore.

This schmuck has what amounts to a worthless degree. He's a PR flack, like so many journalism grads with no-talent are, and he's injecting creationist garbage (not to mention "We Love Dear Leader" neo-fascist bullshit) into NASA.

To all Ags of the liberal bent (and I know you are out there) GIG 'EM!!
  Calling It In
The President of the United States, for the second year in a row that I know of, called in a message of support for anti-abortion rights activists. Don't look for this news on any front pages, CNN has it buried under "In Other News". A couple of questions here.

1. Why call it in. You support these groups. You are going so far as to call. Why not sack up and actually show up. Bush treats these people like the popular jock treated the embarrassing-for-whatever-reason girl that he secretly dated in high school. Breathless late night phone calls, but don't act like you know me when we're in the halls at school.

2. Why isn't this on the front pages. If a Democratic president were to call in support to Pro-Choice activists in this manner it would be all over.

3. Bush said "And history tells us that with such a cause we will prevail.". One way the Anti-Choice activist look to prevail is by forging a Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile, Samuel Alito is up for confirmation as Supreme Court justice. but I am sure the two items have NOTHING to do with each other.
  Alito Moving Forward
What better argument is there than the contrasting news of the Canadian vote and the Alito confirmation. The confirmation of a Supreme Court justice comes down to a math equation between the party in power and the party out.
10 - 8 out of committee, the rollback of years of progress on civil rights and liberties comes down to simple addition.

Democrats - the filibuster is the only tool the minority party has in cases like this. If this isn't the time to use then when is? If you are going to lose go out fighting, raise a ruckus, bring forth questions and be heard.

In Canada the simplistic news is that the Conservative Party has the new PM. But the Conservative Party only won 36% of the vote. The Green Party and the more left New Democratic Party together garnered 52% of the vote. A conservative PM (which means something very different north of the border) must work with differing views and opinions to form true coalitions to get anything done. How, what's the word, democratic.
  Blue Collar Blues
Am I qualified to comment on the state of the worker?

As much as I have ever been, i suppose.

Don't have anything to post at this point - just want to establish my cred, such as it is.
  Really Fakin' It
So Oprah is in a stink because her first big foray into non-fiction, non-classics also turned out to be non-true.

The horror.

Ummm, folks - this is the woman that foisted Dr. Phil on our collective conscious.

Her favorite celebrity is Tom Cruise.

Really, how is recommending a partially-to-very-fabricated memoir at all the worst of her sins.
  Told You So
No news is good news.

Any news is bad news.

Washer is dead. Transmission is dead and leaking all over. Yea. More to repair than to replace the washer. Ok. Except we don't want to replace said washer. We must improve.

Nothing. Ooohhhmmm...
The Art and Science of Accepting Nothing...

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